Improve How You Use Analysis

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If you want some more in depth and personalised coaching in how to use analysis as; an individual, club, school, league organisation or union/association, there is a variety of ways BF Sports Analysis can assist.

Some of these ways include;

Presentations at conferences
One-to-one coaching
Screenshare coaching
Purchasing advice
Auditing your processes and long term analysis planning
Doing your analysis for you

Prices range depending on your requirements.

Example prices for a club;

Workshop/Seminar    £170-£250
Have a game clipped  £60-£200
Screenshare coaching £80-£180
Audit (~15 pages)        £500-£1000

If you seek more info, contact Brian at and receive advice from a consultant independent of all product companies giving you the most trusted independent advice on what to purchase and what to softwares and techniques to use.