Services Offered

Broadly, we offer 2 services. We can do your analysis for you or we can advise you how to do it yourself. We work with individual teams, whole schools and clubs and organisations, unions and leagues.

Providing Analysis Services
Based in Ireland, we provide filming services with trained analysts across the island of Ireland.

We also provide customised coding services, providing either video clipped or .xml files for clients worldwide.

Providing Advice
We can provide speaking services for conferences with experience speaking at club/school level, guest lectures at universities, regional representative teams and national conferences.

For a more interactive experience, we provide workshops on how use video analysis effectively in a more discussion based setting.

For clients looking for a very customised experience, we can provide a detailed audit investigating the use of analysis at your club and developing a long term plan with purchasing advice on how to grow analysis for your organisation.

Prices vary depending on service provided. Contact the email below to discuss packages
Sample price:
Filming match  €140+travel
Videos cut to Ball in Play, Scrums, Lineouts and Tries in Rugby – €100
Workshop €150
Audit €600


Contact for further information.