Services Offered

Broadly, we offer 2 services. We can do your analysis for you or we can advise you how to do it yourself. We work with individual teams, whole schools and clubs and organisations, unions and leagues.

Providing Advice

  • Speaking at conferences: Starting at €200
    • National/Regional Governing Body conferences
    • University guest lecture
  • Workshops: Starting at €175
    • Schools and Clubs
  • Audit of your analysis processes: Starting at €500
    • Any organisation
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Providing Analysis Services
Based in Ireland, we provide filming services with trained analysts across the island of Ireland.

We also provide customised tagging/clipping services, providing either video clipped or .xml files for clients worldwide.

  • Filming: €140 + travel
  • Basic rugby code (Ball in Play, Scrums, Lineouts and Tries): €100
  • Basic GAA code (Shots, Scores, Puck/Kick outs): €100

Contact for further information.


Below is our analysis process assessment survey. Please fill this out if you have interest in our audit services.