Want to;

  • Make moves quicker to learn for your players?
  • Make it easier for new players to integrate?
  • Spend less valuable training time telling people where to stand?

BF Sports Analysis helps teams create animations of their moves in a simple and easy to learn fashion. This can be for lineouts, backs moves, attacking or defence structures and more.

Although primarily built for rugby, Playbook is adaptable for other sports.

How it works

  1. Send your drawings, images, video or otherwise to requesting playbook services.
  2. Receive an initial correspondence
  3. Pay a deposit – estimated 50% of cost
  4. Receive progress reports after every 2nd hour of work
  5. Receive a draft
  6. Send in your corrections
  7. Receive final product or return to step 4
  8. Final payment


Every move is different and depending on detail you want; just the animation, static images with arrows, video in-between or overlapped or purpose of each movement included will vary the cost.

The work is charged at €/£/$ 50/hour for the first 3 hours, €/£/$ 40 thereafter.

Basic moves such as exampled in this article of England playing off 10 without the video included would take 15 minutes.
More detail such as the video of Ireland’s try vs England above would be closer to 2 hours.

Lets Get Started

Send an email of your moves to