BFSA Hiring Process

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At BF Sports Analysis, the people are the most important part of the business. This is why we do recruitment properly and thoroughly with the candidate at the centre of the process. We avoid you wasting your time in the process early on asking for cover letters/portfolio of work without seeing your CV. As we swiftly move through our process we only ask candidates with a realistic chance of taking the job for more detailed work.

When you work at BF Sports Analysis, you will be treated with respect and gratefulness for the work you do. In this business, we have experienced in our previous jobs exploitive unpaid internships, long hours and a lack of trust. Hence we put the effort  into creating a culture of a good place to work that fits into our real lives.

  1. Send in your CV
  2. Request for further information or rejection
  3. Invite to interview or rejection with feedback
  4. Potentially with a request to demonstrate skills/portfolio in advance of interview.
  5. Potentially follow up questions
  6. Job offer or rejection with feedback

Owner Brian Fitzpatrick will lead the interviews normally with one other person.

The request for further information is to allow you to demonstrate something that might not be readily available on your CV, such as if you hold a drivers license, some data analysis/visualisation skills or rugby knowledge.

At the invite to interview stage we disclose the salary for the job.

The potential request to demonstrate skills may come in a project/task form which is to help us differentiate clients at the interview stage.