Required player rating opinions to accurately measure performance

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6 Nations Player Ratings Project

Conor Malone, Operations Manager at BF Sports Analysis is undertaking a project to investigate;

  • The impact of player quality on performance of teams
  • The accuracy of public opinion on player values
  • What position has the biggest impact
  • What position is the highest rated
  • What positions/players are the most controversial

Player Ratings Required

What Conor needs to do this is a vast array of public opinions to get averages and standard deviations of players.

So how you can contribute is by giving your opinion on players that you are familiar with from the 6 nations between 2017 and present.

So please download the excel file below and input your player ratings out of 100 for each player you feel confident enough to give an accurate rating on.

For players you are not confident enough to give an opinion on, please leave it blank.



Please return your completed file to cmalone@bfsportsanalysis.com.


The method will involve averaging, standard deviation of individual players and using linear regressions and Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the impact of player ability and it’s impact on the score of matches.

Will the rugby player rating results be shared?


sign up to BF Sports Analysis subscriptions for an update of when the study has been complete with the results shared.

This will be toward the end of the 2021 6 Nations.