This is a quick tutorial on how to combine AVCHD files on a Mac/Macbook using QuickTime. 

A video tutorial is embedded above which you can watch if you prefer, it is 3:30 min long. 

For those that prefer the written medium, have a look below.

1. Drop the AVCHD file into a folder/desktop on your MacBook

How to Combine Multiple Videos inside an AVCHD file on a Mac using QuickTime

Drag and drop the AVCHD file onto the desktop. You can do some of the later steps first then save onto the desktop/folder at the end but I anecdotally believe this to be quicker and it also means you can take your SD card out quicker.

2. Rename the AVCHD file

How to Combine Multiple Videos inside an AVCHD file on a Mac using QuickTime

Rename the AVCHD file. The naming is probably unimportant to you unless you intend to keep individual files. Perhaps the date of recording might be useful. Otherwise a single letter does fine. 

3. Open up the folder then rename BDMV


Again, can be renamed anything you like.

4. Go to the “STREAM” folder and open the first video with QuickTime Player

Open videos with Quicktime AVCHD files

5. Drag and drop the remaining videos on top of the first opened video on QuickTime to the right side of the video.

Drag and drop video on top of first video. Exporting AVCHD video files on a Mac.

It is important to drop the 2nd+ videos on the right side to make sure the combined videos work in the right order. 

6. Press done and export the video file

You can export the file in whichever setting you like. Then just rename and save the file as you would any other file on a Mac.

It will take time to export the video and potentially a minute or two to begin the exporting depending on your machine.

Then congratulations, you have combined an AVCHD video file.

Thanks for reading this and hopefully you found it useful. If you want to see if there are more time saving analysis hacks in your processes, fill out the form in the Audit section of the website and we will get in touch. Otherwise, please have a look at the other articles on the website.