Terenure brought in a new head coach for the 2019-20 season, with Sean Skehan coming
from being an assistant coach at Garryowen FC and Munster Rugby U18 Schools teams.
BF Sports Analysis had approached Terenure during the recruitment process sampling a
playbook service as a service we target at incoming coaches.


The important thing was to get the club hitting the ground running with Sean as the new coach.

The club required analysis services for their pre-season and Leinster League campaign.

Sean was bringing in some new ideas and wanted to hit the ground running at the club. We
did this through doing a BF Sports Analysis playbook for Terenure College RFC.


Brian Fitzpatrick of BF Sports Analysis and Sean Skehan, Terenure College met up and discussed how Terenure wanted to play from a full attack structure point of view, playing off linebreaks and kick counter.

BF Sports Analysis then delivered this process in July and August 2019 before the addition of Terenure’s defence playbook. Short ongoing samples were delivered on whatsapp to Head Coach Sean Skehan seeking amendments and were revised for full delivery.

“I found the process of working with Brian in relation to designing the playbook for player
understanding to be immensely beneficial and greatly aided our players understanding of
our preferred structures in attack and defence”

Sean SkehanTerenure College RFC Head Coach


Terenure had a flying start to the season, winning the Leinster Senior League.

Terenure scored 21 tries, winning their first 3 games of the season in the Leinster League against Clontarf FC, local rivals St. Mary’s College RFC and University College Dublin RFC. They then beat Old Wesley in Energia Park/Donnybrook to win the Leinster Senior League.

The club then went onto win their first 3 All Ireland League Fixture that season.

“The fast start to the season was a product of great alignment between players, coaches and
auxiliary staff of which BF Sports Analysis services are extremely important”

– Sean Skehan


Terenure were unhappy with the speed of the delivery from the analysis provider selected by the national rugby union, with analysis not being started until Monday morning and at the start of the season analysis was often not finished until Wednesday/Thursday after Terenure had completed their first session of the week and had begun planning their next session.

At late notice, BF Sports Analysis began and finished analysis the first week on the Tuesday before training so the coaches had some analysis content for their first training.

Terenure then requested that BF Sports Analysis take on their analysis services for the season.

Terenure also had some problems as no one in the club had experience compressing footage from the camera to a file in the format and size that the union analysis provider required.

“Brian and his team went above and beyond to ensure our technical deficiencies were overcome and that we had a great speed and consistency in analysis services to our team.”

– Sean Skehan


Terenure consistently received the quickest analysis service in the league with their analysis typically delivered on a Sunday after a Saturday match allowing coaches who worked full time as teachers to plan their week more effectively and dedicate time to analysis without trying to squeeze it in between classes on a Tuesday.

BF Sports Analysis also helped Forward’s Coach, Simon Malone, the nominated individual to send the footage on to the union with compressing footage on his laptop. Simon had a very old laptop and wasn’t compatible with some more familiar video compression software. BF Sports Analysis employee Gerard O’Reilly who has experience in dealing with Microsoft Movie Maker on Simon’s laptop from his time with London Irish Wild Geese helped Simon with compressing the footage simply and easily.

BF Sports Analysis supplied analysis reports to Terenure Coaches during the season.

The report identified different things depending on what problems there were during the season.

“BF Sports Analysis did a discipline a report identifying how, why and who was giving away penalties for Terenure College RFC. The team went from conceding 13.3/penalties/game for the 3 games preceding the analysis to 9.6/penalties/game for the rest of the season. We pride ourselves on our services actually positively impacting performance on the pitch and not just being an information provider.”

– Brian Fitzpatrick, Owner of BF Sports Analysis

Terenure also got to compare themselves to the rest of our clients in identifying the areas they were strong and weak in using the BF Sports Analysis xP model.

“The Analysis reports supplied by BF Sports Analysis had a huge impact on how we coached the team thereafter and also allowed us to garner a better understanding of our team’s strengths, weaknesses and profile. I would strongly recommend BF Sports Analysis to any
wishing to compete in domestic rugby in Ireland.”

– Sean Skehan

I found Brian and Gerard to be an exemplary resource. I had some technical issues which they helped me resolve on a Sunday night and Monday morning. They then scheduled a meeting at my convience to resolve the technical difficulties. BF Sports Analysis are exceptionally resourceful, adaptable and prompt in all the services they provide.”

– Simon Malone, Terenure College RFC Forwards Coach

BFSA have an in depth knowledge of the game of rugby and are very astute in understanding what a coach wants in terms of analysis. Any specific request I made was readily accommodated and several other areas of interest were brought to my attention by BFSA which proved useful throughout the season.”

– Simon Malone


  • Terenure have a playbook that allowed moves to be learnt off pitch and increased speed of advancement off the pitch.
  • Terenure have a playbook that was used for player recruitment the following season.
  • Terenure hit the ground running winning the Leinster Senior League.
  • Terenure have faster analysis in All Ireland League division 1A than their rivals.
  • Coaches are upskilled to make the mundane task of compressing footage seamless.
  • Access to comparing themselves to xP allows them to accurately identify areas where they can make most improvement.


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