Build a custom lineout playbook


Dewald Senekal was previously a coach at Stade Français, Grenoble, Agen and Bayonne. He wanted to put together a comprehensive lineout playbook library that allowed him visually represent his lineout menus leading into a game week.

Dewald spotted some of BF Sports Analysis Playbook work online and contact BF Sports Analysis to begin the work.

“I came across BF Sports Analysis online, and the quality and professionalism of their work immediately caught my eye.

Visual presentation is a very powerful tool for the hungry learners that the young athletes are today.”

Dewald Senekal

BFSA Playbook

Dewald Senekal Rugby Analysis Stade Francais Grenoble Bayonne Agen Toulon

Playbook Process

After an initial consultation on zoom, BF Sports Analysis got to work on building Dewald’s playbook.

“Brian is a passionate rugby lover with experience in the professional game. His knowledge has allowed our conversations to be in depth.

It has brought to life a lot of my coaching ideas and given me a new angle of delivering that information to players and teams I work with in a ‘to the point’ and professional way.”

– Dewald Senekal

BF Sports Analysis work in professional and international rugby allows us work at and understand the high level detail these coaches want to convey.

Finished Playbook

Dewald Senekal really liked the finished playbook that was delivered. The playbook drafts were delivered as video’s on Whatsapp throughout and finally as a HQ video. The playbook was also delivered as a keynote presentation so that Dewald could change numbers on the players depending on which players were selected each week.

We are now in the process of designing and delivering on his defensive lineout library as well which will allow quicker explanation and transfer of information to players when building a defensive lineout for specific games.

“It is an extremely powerful learning tool for the players and staff, which keeps everybody accountable.

It is especially useful when introducing new players as they can pick up the systems quickly and increase tactical and social cohesion in the group”

Dewald Senekal

Charity Work

During the COVID lockdown of March 2020, Dewald agreed alongside former England second row and current Saracens Director of Recruitment Nick Kennedy, to collaborate with BF Sports Analysis for a charity opposition lineout analysis. This was in aid of the Dublin Simon Community in Dewald’s case and NHS Charities Together in Nick’s case.

Both Dewald and Nick looked at the Welsh lineout as if they were the Fiji forwards coach and discussed how they would defend Wales at the 2019 RWC.

Twitter decided on who had the best strategy and BF Sports Analysis paid €75 to the winner’s charity.

Check out the video. May not play in window on safari – open video in a new tab or use chrome.

Charity Opposition Lineout Analysis

Dewald Senekal coaching rugby analysis Grenoble


  • Attacking Lineout Playbook Library
  • Defensive Lineout Playbook Library
  • Interview Preparation
  • Work done at short notice
  • Detailed Opposition Lineout data collection including calling structure



In March/April 2021, Brian and Dewald worked together on putting together ‘The Lineout Project’ with the intention of being the most in-depth lineout content ever produced.

On the feedback form, the average score out of 10 for did you enjoy the webinar was 9.4. 33/37 respondents said ‘Definitely’, ‘Absolutely’ or ‘Yes’ to the question of whether it was the best lineout content they have ever seen. 3 of the remaining 4 said ‘close!’.

The feedback form included responses from those in the professional game as we held a separate webinar for those in the professional game.

You can check it out on the dedicated The Lineout Project Page.