A recording is available at the bottom of this page.

The Lineout Project with Dewald Senekal is where we take you into the deepest of depth of lineout analysis ever seen.

We are going to be looking at each of the 2021 6 Nations team’s intricacies in their lineouts.

As a starting point, Dewald is going to be demonstrating how to get the most out of the ‘basic’ information such as numbers and set ups according to pitch location.

Dewald will be using video and animations to demonstrate what the teams are trying to do at lineout time.

BF Sports Analysis will be demonstrating our ‘Expected Points’ (xP) metric to measure each team’s ability to score from lineout situations.

A recording is available at the bottom of this page.


  • Pre-Lineout
  • Set ups and Shapes
  • Movements
  • Attack from lineouts
  • Calling Systems
  • Lineout Defence


Brian Fitzpatrick Rugby

Brian Fitzpatrick

Owner, BF Sports Analysis

Brian Fitzpatrick, the owner of BF Sports Analysis believes in making sports analysis efficient, effective and enjoyable. Brian previously worked in professional and international rugby as an Analyst with London Irish and Poland Rugby.

Currently studying an MBA at Heriot-Watt/Griffith College, Brian's current professional interests are implementing an 'expected points' model into rugby, managing analysis projects for professional teams and managing data, collection and output for teams and leagues.

Dewald Senekal Rugby Analysis Stade Francais Grenoble Bayonne Agen Toulon

Dewald Senekal

Professional Rugby Coach - Stade Français, Grenoble, Bayonne

Dewald Senekal is professional rugby coach with experience across a number of teams in the Top 14. Dewald, a cricketer turned second row as a player has a huge interest in the detail, analysis and intricacies of the lineout.


The goal for BF Sports Analysis and Dewald Senekal in this webinar is to deliver the most comprehensive, interesting and detailed lineout webinar ever.

We intend to pour over details while looking for the elements of Ireland’s lineout that are having the greatest impact so that the audience can see actually, what goes through the mind of professional coaches when analysing opposition.

This won’t be a gloss over… this looks at rugby and lineouts in it’s most beautifully, nerdy and complex detail.


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  • Sorry no but good for trends etc.

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