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August 2021 – Dates and times to be confirmed
December 2021 – Dates and times to be confirmed

The Developing Analysis Department in Semi Professional/Elite Amateur Rugby is an interactive course with other rugby coaches. You will receive a lecture from Brian Fitzpatrick who will also facilitate a discussion with other individuals involved in the same level of rugby so you can learn from each other as well as the content.

This course is limited to a maximum of 10 people/course.

There will be a 2 sessions, initial session and and follow up 2 weeks later.

To be covered

  • Utilising your human and financial resources
  • Long term planning for yourself and your club
  • Technical basics
  • Focus on outcomes
  • How to make analysis enjoyable and not burdensome
  • How to analyse particular parts of the game
  • Project managing with little time

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Brian Fitzpatrick

Early Bird Rate available for August workshop for €124.99, €174.99 after the 10th July.


  • Price: 149,99 €
Brian Fitzpatrick Pro Rugby Course

Brian Fitzpatrick

Owner, BF Sports Analysis

Brian Fitzpatrick is the owner of BF Sports Analysis, founded 2017. A Masters of Business Administration at Heriot-Watt/Griffith College.

Prior to BF Sports Analysis. Brian worked in professional rugby with London Irish and Dublin GAA. With BF Sports Analysis we have worked with professional rugby coaches developing their animated playbooks and began developing an expected points model in rugby.

This course seeks to combine lessons learned from both sports science and business to deliver a rounded view to developing a path towards an analysis department that delivers a competitive advantage.


#101 Andrew Shaw, Melbourne, Australia
#102 Mick Tunny, Queensland, Australia
#103 Nicola Gatto, Treviso, Italy
#110 David Lee, Cork, Ireland
#111 Kevin McCleery, Drogheda, Ireland
#112 Caoimhe Morris, Dublin, Ireland
#114 Jamie Williams, Edinburgh, Scotland

Names only shared with permission