The Analysis Process is a term I use to describe the process of creating and receiving information to the point of player development and improvement.

This is a slide I use in a lot of my workshops to describe the analysis process. I often use the analogy of cutting down a tree to make a fire.


Input is the raw information and tools. Your laptop, camera, the game itself etc… In the chopping down a tree analogy, this the the saw, the axe and the tree itself

Data Entry/Collection

Data Collection is the process of collecting information. In analysis terms, this is often limited to coding. Analogy wise – this is the chopping down of the tree. The hard work!


Analysis is the interpretation and understanding of information. Making information useful, chopping wood into useable firewood for the fire.


Feedback is the process of messages being delivered and received by players. Turning the wood into fire.


The main idea is that you streamline this process to be as efficient as possible. In terms of the wood chopping, take the environmentalist stance – don’t cut down any trees you don’t need to and try to make a big fire.
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